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 as this is a constantly evolving
WORK IN PROGRESS, please hang in there with me!!


UPDATE: 2/8/19

The book is rocking along: I am also studying video camera and studio set-up data in preperation to launch a vid channel. I want to be able to share some insigthts in a different more immediate format.

I am also re-launching LifFormz®.net which will feature products related to How. The Creator's Handbook. More on this later... 

Thank you all for your great comments!  I read them all.  K.B.O.,   RGB

Author's Note #1: This latest iteration of this web site is in being upgraded and re-branded for How. The Creator's HandbookTM
  (and system). The handbook/system presently exists under different names (See "A Short History" below) and has been sold in small "test editions" in various forms for the past 30 years.  I am currently upgrading the book/system to make to make it more contemporary and to offer it in various digital formats previously not in existence.  I plan on releasing this updated How. The Creator's HandbookTM version as both printed books and as various downloadable books in formats to designed to reach the burgeoning e-reader-phone-tablet markets.  As it now stands, the downloadable book will be first out of the chute in early to mid 2019.  If you would like to be notified via email as these books become available, please email me your info at: sand I will let you know when it is available.  I will shortlyl post (on this page)  images of the book in progress so you can see for yourself, that this is not mere "vaporware" but, is actually a real thing.  There is an enourmous amount of information compressed into a very small footprint so please bear with me...

Thank you. 

P.S. Just to assure you that this is a real book and not vaporware, here are 4 images of HOW on the walls of my studio as of  1/15/19. This one of 3 editing stations I use to work the book. just saying...

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How. The Creator's Handbook   Description:
  • How. The Creator's Handbook is a new kind of reference book. It shows how to define and reach your goals—helping you build the desired reality.

  • How. The Creator's Handbook arranges timeless principles into a logical, generic framework allowing you to plug-in and use your knowledge and experience in innovative and profitable ways.

  • How. The Creator's Handbook  helps you diagnose problems and prescribe realistic solutions. It helps you stay on track, balance your perspective and make decisions you will not later regret.

  • How. The Creator's Handbook  explores the Creation Process®, tracing the evolution of an idea through each phase of its transformation into physical reality. It is a 1compendium of common sense arranged in the order of efficient application. It can be effectively applied to any endeavor on any scale.

  • How. The Creator's Handbook does not lecture, moralize or advocate any particular “ism, ology or ocracy.” It is not another “think-good-thoughts” or “do-what-I-do-and-be-successful” book. This is NOT a religious or theological discussion.

  • 1com pen dium,  n.  A summary of much information compressed into little space.



*A Short History of

How. The Creator's Handbook

The How. The Creator's Handbook odyssey officially began in 1983 with the first version of the book, entitled The Life Primer. As I studied and reflected, the book evolved. It became   American Know-How and then simply, How (the first published version). There were various other incarnations including: The Actualizer, 20-20 Foresight, C.O.Y.A., How to Think Out of the Box, How To Make it Real and then the much expanded version: Future-izer Handbook®  published in 1995 (which it remained from 1995 until 2004.  In 2004 the book morphed into the Human Operator's Manual®. Recently, given the rapidly deteriorating state of our country and the world, it occurred to me that what we desperately needed was a massive dose of "American know-how" to save ourselves.  Hence, that 1983 title was resurrected in 2011.  Now, however, it seems that this latest incarnation: How. The Creator's Handbook  best captures the current state of the work  and best applies to the 21st century world situation- although all the previous titles still apply.


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