The Art of R. Geoffrey Blackburn

R. Geoffrey Blackburn Road to Sedona Triptych

Figure 1 (Road to Sedona Triptych)

R. Geoffrey Blackburn Road to Sedona oil painting

R. Geoffrey Blackburn Knobs at the Pointe

Figure 2 (Knobs)

R. Geoffrey Backburn Knobs at the Pointe

R. Geoffrey Blackburn Soaring the Colorado at the Pointe

Figure 3 (Soaring the Colorado)

R. Geoffrey Backburn Soaring the Colorado at the Pointe

R. Geoffrey Blackburn Two in the Bush at the Pointe

Figure 4 (Two in the Bush)

R. Geoffrey Backburn Two in the Bush at the Pointe

Welcome to the Business to Business Page!

The B2B Page was created to fit the specific needs of art galleries, art consultants and design professionals. Our mission is to provide intriguing Southwest and Western landscape art including Original Paintings, Limited Edition Giclée prints, and Custom Giclée Prints.  Artist R. Geoffrey Blackburn specializes in red rock landscapes and other western scenery. Blackburn's work has hung in the White House and appeared on the "Murder, She Wrote" television series.

Original Oil Paintings–unique and beautiful artwork painted on canvas and panel are available directly from Blackburn Studios or through one of the galleries or shows that represent  the artist . Commissioned art is also available upon request.

Limited Editions Giclée Prints– are available in various sizes, on canvas or paper, to meet your aesthetic and/or budgetary needs. All Limited Edition prints are hand signed and numbered by the artist. Many of these prints are also Remarqued or hand-embellished by artist for a minimal additional charge.

Custom Giclée Prints–if the standard sizes do not work for you, we can produce a custom piece to your specifications for a minimal additional charge. Example: In Figure 1 (above), we took an original oil painting, "Road to Sedona", that measured just 6 x 21.25 inches and created a 28 x 104 " triptych.  Several other pieces were also scaled to 28 x ? inch scale for a new office lobby. 

We can also adjust the color saturation, and the color palette itself to suit your design specifications and we can custom crop images to suit.  Due to the very detailed nature of the original work, we can enlarge most images to mural proportions.  The greater the enlargement, the more "impressionistic" the image appears as the artist's technique is revealed.

Custom Limited Editions– we can produce a special edition with a unique size, substrate, and/or color scheme that is exclusive to the edition–ideal for corporate gifting.. (Minimum order of 5 prints)

Large Format Giclée Prints– sizes e.g. 48" x 64" ; 5' x 30', etc. depending on the dimensions of the original image. Sizes can also be significantly increased by dividing images into diptych and triptychs (two or three parts). Due to the extremely high resolution of the Giclée images, the crispness and vibrancy of the colors are preserved.

Detail Editions–detail areas from selected paintings are cropped, enlarged and transformed into limited editions in their own right. This art-within-art approach renders a piece of the original work in a much more impressionistic, brush-strokes-visible, representation—in some editions new wild life and other elements may be introduced into the art.

We use only the finest archival pigmented inks, fine art paper and studio canvas. Giclée prints on canvas may be purchased stretched on a wooden frame (gallery-wrapped), mounted on Gator Board or un-mounted.

Prints include:
Hand-signed Certificate of Authenticity
Definitions (limited edition terms)
Framing/Handling suggestions

For more information call 801-467-3926 or Email:

Please include your name, company name, address, and phone number on email queries. We will not give your information to any other party!


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