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Shipping Considerations

  • Paintings are shipped flat. The cost is determined by the size and weight plus the cost of materials and labor to package the piece. Please call or email (see below) for an estimate. (801) 467-3926.
  • Giclée prints are available either stretched over a frame (like traditional oil paintings) or mounted on a museum quality Gator Board. Both approaches have their advantages. Mounted prints do not ripple as stretched canvases can. However stretched canvases can be tightened to remove the ripples. Mounted prints are less susceptible to damage because of the hard backing. Un-mounted or un-stretched canvases can be shipped much more economically.  Giclée Prints will be usually be shipped flat unless otherwise specified. If shipped rolled, the Giclée prints must be stretched or mounted before framing. If needed, stretcher bars can be provided at additional cost for rolled shipments. As some framers do not stretch canvases or mount prints, it is suggested that either the buyer check with other local framers to see who does provide these services or order Giclées pre-stretched or mounted and shipped at additional cost.  You may also contact us at the email address above and we will help you find a suitable framer in your area.  Remember, it is more expensive to ship pre-stretched or mounted than rolled. The larger the print the more expensive it is to ship flat. The cost is determined by the size and weight plus the cost of labor/materials to stretch and mount the print. Please call for an estimate. (801) 467-3926.
  • Paper Prints, i.e.. serigraphs, etchings, lithographs, etc. are usually shipped rolled. Because paper is more fragile than canvas and more susceptible to creasing and curling, it cannot be as tightly rolled as canvas. Therefore, the mailing tube is much greater in diameter than with a Giclée  print. Correspondingly, it is more expensive to ship. Please contact: for an estimate.

R. Geoffrey Blackburn


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