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R. Geoffrey Blackburn What's Left oil painting

"What's Left"

Oil on Panel


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Oil on Panel
9.5 x 24 in  (24.1 x 61 cm) $62,500
Giclée Print 9.5 x 24 in  (24.1 x 61 cm) inquire
Giclée Print:  (Artist's Proof) 9.5 x 24 in  (24.1 x 61 cm) inquire

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"What's Left"

"On the way to Arizona along highway 89A my wife and I and came upon an amazing scene. In a most desolate stretch of red rock desert  just south of the Utah border, we discovered a very old abandoned house built into a rock overhang. All around the area there were huge weirdly shaped rocks and behind the house massive red rock cliffs encircled with clouds! We were blown away! I got my camera and tripod out and began snapping dozens of pictures from every angle.  I definitely had painting on my mind!  When we returned to my Salt Lake City studio,  I went through my photos and found several that would make good source images for my oil paintings.  So, I began painting.  After I finished my first piece, "Desert Rules", I decided to produce another—This one.

"What's Left" is a sequel to "Desert Rules". I decided to make this a larger painting than "Desert Rules" to show a different perspective of the Rock House. In this version I also did very tight detail work to capture the textures and colors. As there was nothing alive in the area except some brownish bushes here and there. I decided the piece needed some life in it. So in this sequel, I decided that circling Turkey Vultures-(one visible and one just above the viewer's head), would capture the sense of desolation and dreams lost-- the essence of the piece. I also decided not to paint in carrion but rather to leave that to the viewer's imagination. Edgy but not yucky - rich with symbolism-perfect for this painting."

R. Geoffrey Blackburn


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